Market Modernization Fund - Window 1

Improving Distribution and Supply Chain Systems in Wholesale and Retail Markets

Instructions to Applicants

Applications for funding by the Market Modernisation Fund (“the Fund”) pass through a two-stage application process. The first stage involves the preparation and submission of a simple Concept Note.

Before completing the Concept Note, applicants must review the Term Sheet for the funding window of interest. The Term Sheet sets out the key criteria against which grants will be awarded.

Concept Notes are reviewed by the Fund Manager. Only eligible applicants with project ideas that meet the objectives of the Fund will be invited in to develop a full Application.

A successful Concept Note does not in any way imply that the subsequent Application will be funded.

How to Complete the Concept Note

Please review the Terms Sheet and complete ALL sections of the Concept Note.

Please be concise and address the questions in each section. For example you do not need to outline the importance of increasing access to finance for market actors in the wholesale and retail sector, but you do need to state how market participants (especially SMEs) will benefit from your proposed initiative.

Please use quantitative and qualitative information where possible to help reviewers understand the scope and scale of your project, and its likely impact.

It is important that you complete each section of the Concept Note.

There are 23 questions in this survey.